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Physical Description

Hilt: silver, of conventional form, comprising pommel, knuckle guard with integral quillon and arms of the hilt, ova; sheel guard and grip.

Pommel: spirally fluted elongated ovoid with tang button.

Knuckle guard: the slightly swollen central portion is spirally fluted and the arms, sleeve and quillon with is downturned lobate finial are facetted. The washer between the sleeve and the guard is radially fluted in a sunburst fashion.

Shell guard: the inner face is decorated with radial flutes, alternating large and small.

Blade: of heavy diamond section, the upper 7.5 inches being distinguished by having a deep, narrow, central fuller within which it is inscribed:
on the outside: 'TOMAS X AILIA'
and on the inside: 'X ENXTOLEDO X'


Dimensions: Overall length: 1005 mm (39.56 in), blade length: 851 mm (33.5 in) Weight: 13 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

shell guard, on the blade side: 5 1. a cross within a circle, crownedand 2. 'MP' in an oval cartouche with a pearled border.knuckle guard: the same marks as on the shell guard.The first mark represents the arms of the House of Savoy as used on silverwares made at Nice until 1792. The second mark, MP, may be the initials of the maker or assayer. (Poincons d'Argent, Tardy, 6th edn, Paris, n.d., p 250)



The narrow 'rapier'-like blade is typical of Mediterranean small-swords.
For such late blades apparently signed by the Toledo swordsmith Tomas de Ayala, see 'Wallace Collection Catalogue - European Arms and Armour'. J G Mann, Vol II, 1962, p 288-9, No A585.