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about 1780

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Purchased 1981. From the collection of Sir James Mann. (formerly AL.23 122).

Physical Description

Silver hilt of the so-called slotted type consisting of an egg-shaped pommel of Norman type 88, with a tall acorn-shped tang-button, and curved knuckle-guard and rear quillon of conventional 'slotted' form. The grip is of cow horn spirally writhen and spirally bound with silver foil. There is a silver ferrule towards the blade.

Curved, single-edged blade with a narrow fuller near the spine extending to about 145 mm (5 3/4 in) from the tip, and a broad shallow fuller at the centre extending to about 50 mm (2 in) from the tip. The tip has been slightly ground down. The forte is etched on both sides in line and blued and gilt with a panel containing trophy of arms, a man in the moon face among stars, a sun in splendour, a star of six points among smaller stars, and two floral flourishes.


Dimensions: Overall length: 790 mm (932.1 in), length of blade: 663 mm (26.1 in) Weight: 1 lb 1 1/2 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

On the hilt, towards the blade, at the cardinal points around the blade, stamped: the maker's mark WK (for William Kinman); the date letter 'e' for 1780/1781; the lion passant (Sterling standard); and the crowned leopard's head mark (London assay).

Bibliographic References

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For information on William Kinman and for other hilts in the Royal Armouries by him, see entry for IX.855, under Notes.