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Percussion muzzle-loading military musket - By Westley Richards

Percussion muzzle-loading military musket - By Westley Richards



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Transferred from COD Weedon, 1925. Original transferred from Enfield to Tower in 1891

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Smooth bore - no ovality can be detected at the muzzle through measurement, which shows the bore to be cylindrical at 0.572 inches. It may be an item submitted for experiments in 1852, but in view of the fact these experiemnts were specifically looking at rifles, this would seem doubtful. The nipple is either plugged, or it is unfinished, or a specially fitted blank. There are proofmarks on the underside of the barrel, which is made by Millward. The solid bands appear unfinished, as does the sight which is ungraduated. It conforms very closely to the 2nd Pattern P' 53, though Westley Richards appears to have been using solid bands prior to the introduction of that rifle. The bore is in fine condition


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.752 in


Places England