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about 1764

Object Number


Inscriptions and Marks

On blade, on both sides, about 100 mm (4 in) from hilt, stamped: crown over GR over IEF/RIS (Jefferys).On blade, on tang, probably stamped: an unclear mark, possibly a raised diamond in a depressed recangular field (visible on X-ray - see Notes).


Places Britain

Bibliographic References

P.J. Lankester, 'An unusual sword in the Royal Armouries', Arms and Armour, I, no. 1 (2004), pp. 43-67, at pp. 63-4.


For officers' and other ranks' swords of this type, and for the evidence to associate them with 15th Light Dragoons, see entry for IX.5437.
An X-ray by Dr David Starley in October 2003 (Job Code: AM 1842) showed an unclear mark on the tang, possibly a raised daimond in a depressed rectangular field (see copy of report on inv. file).