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The hilt is of iron, consisting of apear-shaped pommel (a later version of Norman type 80) with guards made up of a boat-shaped area in front of the hand (stool), with a broad , scrolled wrist guard, linked by three knuckle-guards to the pommel, their ends secured by original screws; the central knuckle-guard is limked to each of the outer ones by asingle scroll guard. A small boat-shaped piece inside the stool supports langets on each side of the blade. The whole surface is chiselled in relief and partially pierced with foliage scrolls terminating in human and grotesque animal faces, surrounding oval panels containing bearded male heads, one wearing a helmet. On either side of the stool, towards the blade, are cartouches of lobated outline, each chiselled in relief with aman in armour on horseback. The scrolled ends of the two side knuckle-guards and the scroll guards are decorated with grotesque winged beast terminals. The whole bears traces, within and without, of hatched on silver and fire-gilding. The 'writhen' grip is of wood bound with herring-bone patterns of fine steel twist wire, with 'turk's heads' ferrules.
The blade is straight, two-edged and of flattened oval section. It has a fuller, which runs or 175 mm (6 7/8 in.) from the hilt. Inside the guard, in the fuller, is the Solingen mark of the 'Running Wolf' inlaid in copper



Dimensions: Overall length: 1029 mm (40 1/2 in., Blade length: 34 5/8 in. (880 mm) Weight: 1.25 kg (2lb 12 oz.)

Inscriptions and Marks

The mark of the 'Running Wolf' of Solingen, inlaid in copper, in the fuller of the blade