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Purchased from A. Lumley (dealer), Brookside, Kirk Hammerton, York, with 7 other swords (IX.2214-IX.2218, IX.2220, IX.2221), March 1982.

Physical Description

The steel hilt comprises a scrolled, beaked (CHK) pommel cap with a prominent tang button, a knuckle-guard which is screwed into the scrolled beak, a short rear quillon, slightly inclined towards the blade, and a shell-guard recurved in the plane of the blade. The stag-horn grip widens slightly towards the pommel cap. The flat plate of the pommel cap is annularly incised with acanthus tip decation and scroll-work. The base of the pommel cap is scalloped and edged with incised acanthus tip foliage. The mid-point of the knuckle-guard forms a balluster moulding and is chiselled with foliate decoration. The shell-guard is pierced and decorated on the convex faces with scroll-work and fern leaf decoration; outside the hand the shell-guard is also chiselled to show a mounted figure within a circular medallion. Towards the blade there is a ferrule decorated en suite with the base of the pommel-cap.

The curved, single-edged blade has a broad shallow fuller towards the back edge for the whole length.


Dimensions: Overall length: 724 mm (28 1/2 in), blade length: 584 mm (23 in) Weight: 580 gm


Places England