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Purchased from A. Lumley (dealer) with 7 other swords (IX.2214-IX.2217, IX.2219-IX.2221), March 1982.

Physical Description

Hilt has maker's mark of VK in a shield. Hilt Agate grip with silver mounts. Rectangular section grip, slightly convex on the inner and outer faces, widening towards the curved pommel, with prominent globose silver tang button on a stand, with raised moulded band running around the mid-point. A transverse plain, wide silver band passes around the mid point of the grip; towards the blade is a wide single ferrule with single narrow ring moulding towards the quillons and broader baluster moulding next to the cusped edge. Straight quillons with disc finials engraved with a scroll, spring from a collar around the blade with linen-fold decoration at its centre and the root of the quillons. The agate is cracked, and a large piece of the forward edge of the 'pommel' is missing. The forward edge of the quillon is cracked.

Short curved blade, with 13 mm (1/2 in) ricasso, with a saw-back and false edge extending for 95 mm (3 3/4 in) from the tip.


Dimensions: Overall length: 540 mm (21 1/4 in), blade length: 406 mm (16 in) Weight: 1 lb 1/2 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

On hilt, on root of rear quillon, stamped: 'VK' [V K] within a shield.On blade, on both sides, stamped: a man's head wearing a turban.On blade, on inside, stamped and inset with copper: 'T'.


Places Europe