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Purchased from A. Lumley (dealer), Brookside, Kirk Hammerton, York, with 7 other swords (IX.2214, IX.2217-IX.2221), March 1982. Purchased from Andrew Lumley (dealer), Brookside, Kirk Hammerton, York, March 1982.

Physical Description

Cast brass hilt, originally heavily gilded (only traces of the latter remain, mainly on the outer faces of the shells). Domed pommel, rather crudely cast as a lion's mask, with the part round the tang removed and flattened, into which the knuckle-guard pegs. The knuckle-guard has cast dragon and leaf decoration and supports a pair of asymmetrical shells, the larger one to the outside of the hand, and terminates in a crudely moulded rear quillon, inclined towards the blade, in the form of the front half of a leaping beastie. The shells are slightly dished, pierced and with embossed decoration, consisting of, on the outside, a lion statant resting its fore-paw on a sphere set amidst stylized foliage; on the inside, a lioness(?) leaping, with fore-paws raised, out of stylized foliage. Spirally writhen ivory grip, stained ochre, with crude wide copper(?) ferrule towards the blade with faint traces of gilding.

Curved, single-edged blade with shallow fuller towards the back extending to within 9 in. of the tip.

Condition when catalogued: blade badly pitted overall; grip cracked on the inside with a piece missing next to the pommel on the outside.


Dimensions: Overall length: 870 mm (34 1/4 in), blade length: 724 mm (28 1/2 in), blade width: 25.4 (1 in) Weight: 8 3/4 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

On the blade, in the fuller (WHICH SIDE), engraved (CHK) a stylized running wolf mark between '' '' marks.