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Purchased from A. Lumley (dealer), Brookside, Kirk Hammerton, York, with 7 other swords (IX.2214, IX.2215, IX.2217-IX.2221), March 1982.

Physical Description

The cruciform hilt of buck-horn comprises a grip and quillons, the burns of which are capped with silver. The rear quillon and its cap are flattened in the plane of the blade. Towards the blade there is a ferrule, also of silver, which is decorated, outside the hand, with an engraved trefoil. Around the blade, there is a scallop-edged silver washer. The rear cap is not affixed to the rear quillon but is only loosely pushed onto it.

The curved, single-edged blade has a medial ridge which extends from the guard for 180 mm (7 in). The incised decoration showing pairs of running hounds (both sides) extends from the guard for 190 mm (7.5 in). There is a medial line of punched holes, beginning 215 mm (8.5 in) from the guard and extending for 305 mm (12 in)


Dimensions: Overall length: 688 mm (27 1/2 in), blade length: 555 mm (21 7/8 in), blade width: 31 mm (1.2 in) Weight: 405 g



Hilts of this type are discussed in A.R.E. North, 'A Note on a 17th Century Hunting Sword', 'Journal of the Arms and Armour Society', VII, no. 3, Sept. 1971, pp. 57-59, Pls XXV-XXVII (copy on inv. file), where other examples are mentioned, and a Scottish origin was disputed in favour an English origin, possibly Midlands or Northern counties.
Other hangers with hilts of this type are: Royal Armouries IX.1211; one belonging to Brecon Cathedral, on loan to the Royal Armouries (AL.5 2) - presented to the Cathedral in 1931; one in the Victoria and Albert Museum, no. M76-1939 (North 1971, Pl. XXV); one at at Brownsholme Hall, near Clitheroe, Lancs (North 1971, p. 58); one formerly in the Howard Blackmore Collection (sold Sotheby's, 23 April 1981, Lot 145); one formerly in the Gerald Mungeam Collection (illus. H. Blackmore, 'Hunting Weapons', London, 1971, Pl. 18), possibly the same as that mentioned in the Typed Inventory as 'Gerald Mungeam loan' though the borrower is not given; one with a mark 'almost certainly that of William Badcock, is illustrated by L. Southwick, 'London silver-hilted swords...', p. 276, Pl. 17 (left). A hilt of this type is shown in a portrait of Sir Francis Winnington (1634-1700) at Stanford Court, Worcs, probably painted about 1679 (North 1971, Pl. XXVI).