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Bequeathed by J.B.P. Young, 1980.

Physical Description

Hilt includes associated silver disk of 1901/2. The silver hanger hilt consists of a shield-shaped cap-pommel, of the same seven-sided plan as the grip-section and with edges overlapping the end of the grip - the edges of the overlap being decoratively cut; there is a prominent tang-button on a stand; oval section knuckle-guard with extended baluster moulding at its centre, and spheroid knop at its root. The knuckle-guard was originally pegged into a sleeve attached to the pommel but is now broken at this point. Oval quillon block joined by convex truncated square pyramids to the knuckle-guard and the drop-shaped rear quillon, the greater part of the quillon being a replacement.

A later, circular, slightly dished plate, with an incised line near its edge and with a cut-out which accomodates the rear quillon, has been inserted between the quillon block and blade. It bears hall-marks for 1900/01 (see below), and may originally have been the lid for a sugar bowl or similar: the cut-out would neatly accommodate a spoon.

Seven-sided tortoise-shell grip, widening towards the blade. The ferrule has a band of rounded mouldings at its centre.

The borders of the pommel and ferrule, the area around the base of the tang button, and the baluster moulding of the knuckle-guard are engraved to resemble leaves; a flower engraved on each face of the quillon block (very worn opn the inside).

Straight, double-edged blade of hexagonal section, tapering from a vestigial ricasso towards the tip. It does not fit well to the disc-guard, and has a flattened oval leather buff-piece in place.


Dimensions: Overall length: approx. 844 mm (33 1/4 in), blade length: 720 mm (28 5/16 in), blade width, from base of ricasso: 25 mm (1.0 in) Weight: 325 g (11.8 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the disc-guard, stamped: the maker's mark 'JTM(?) / JH-' (last letter illegible, poss. H or M); and the Birmingham town mark and date letter 'a' for 1900/01.