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Physical Description

Hilt: cast brass in one piece incorporating lion's head pommel, plain grip and cross guard.

Pommel: in the form of a lion's head with a flowing mane and a protrusion on the crown which functions as a tang button. The main terminates abruptly at the junction with the grip.

Grip: plain, octagonal section, or square section with bevelled corners with a central rivet securing it to the tang. The edge of the tang is visible for three quarters the length of the grip, where it presumably is stepped inwards and continues upwards in a narrow form through the pommel.

Crossguard: cast brass of substantial square section, slightly tapering towards the cylindrical finials. The inner and outer faces are slightly recessed within a raised edge beading. A central rivet passes through the crossguard and tang.

Blade: of leaf form with a single central narrow and very shallow fuller each side and commencing 155 mm from the hilt and extending for approximately 190 mm.

scabbard : black leather with brass locket and chape, each secured by a brass staple front and rear. The locket carries a staple on the front face for securing in a frog by a strap and the mouth is of elongated hexagonal section corresponding with the cross section of the blade.
The chape is severely plain and tapers to a blunt point and terminates in an ovoid button.


Dimensions: Sword: overall length: 615 mm (24.25 in), blade length: 470 mm (18.5 in),, Scabbard: 505 mm (19.875 in) Weight: Sword: 905 gm (32.4 oz), Scabbard: 195 gm (7 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

One, on the blade close to the hilt which may be an 'R' or a 'B' within a small cartouche. Beneath this is a rectangular stamped panel with an inscription which is indecipherable.


Places France


Whilst attributed to France, and the remnants of a mark may indicate Klingenthal manufacture, this sword conforms to none of the official varieties as described in C. AriÞs 'et al.', 'Armes Blanches Militaires Franþaises', 30 vols and index, 1966-1990, tome ***, fasc. ***, fig(s). ***