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purchased from Arbour Antiques, Stratford upon Avon, 1979.

Physical Description

Hilt: cast with relief decoration, comprising;

Pommel: spherical with hexagonal moulding at top and bottom and in the centre a band of decoration consisting of a winged head either side and a floral rosette fore and aft.

Knuckle guard: attached to the pommel in the usual fashion, decorated at the pommel end with a leaf scroll and in the centre of the bow with a floral scroll flanked with trefoils. Integral with the guard are the arms and quillon; the quillon curves towards the outside and has a mask finial; the plain arms of the hilt bifurcate at the end and fit either side of the shell guard within a pierced ring. The sleeve has an octagonal moulding at the base and is decorated on each side en-suite with the pommel.

Shell guards; of vestigial trefoil shape, having raised borders and decorated on each side with a foliate scroll and extending in a ring round the arm finials. The faces of each shell are decorated with a female bust having a foliate rosette and addorsed C's on each side and a grotesque mask where the arms of the hilt enter the shell guards.

Grip; wood, covered with crudely twisted brass wire, perhaps a later replacement.

Blade: hollow ground, triangular section, considerably shortened.


Dimensions: Overall length: 90.81 mm (35.875 in), blade length: 73.025 mm (28.75 in) Weight: 453.6 g (1 lb)


Places Britain