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Sword - British Naval Cutlass

Sword - British Naval Cutlass


Late 18th century

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Physical Description

The guard is of iron, painted black, and formed of a plain oval shell in one with a smaller ovoid knuckle-guard. Both oval sections of the guard are connected by a short iron strip. Another strip curves up from the knuckle-guard to the pommel where it is secured by the burred end of the tang of the blade. The rear edged of the shell forms a rectangular stool which is recurved towards the blade, with a rolled under quillon curved toward the blade.

The tubular grip is comprised of a wooden core of circular section which is overlaid by a sheet of blackened iron rolled round and welded.

The straight, single-edged blade has a narrow fuller near flat back edge, and a spear point.





BladeLength730 mm
OverallLength860 mm
OverallWeight794 g


Places Britain