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Inside the guard inscribed 'I Kirby'


Places Britain


A D John Kirby became a Yeoman Warder in 1826.(BC) - see also note of 1978 in N. Hall's hand in Typed Inventory (PJL).
Interim note on this general pattern. Swords of this type occur with both a crowned lion and the horse of Hanover on the guard. Swords of this general patterns were clearly not confined to Yeoman Warders (or Yeoman of the Guard) and there is evidence to suggest they were also used as infantry hangers. George C. Neuman cites a dug relic with this form of hilt which is marked 'Sr. W. P. No33' which he says is probably William Pepperell's 51st Regiment (Neumann, 'Battle weapons of the American Revolution', Texakarna, Texas, p. 310, under no. 20.SS). IX.1429 has a guard of this general form and a dear stag antler grip. The Typed Inventory suggests it might be for a royal forrester (probably the idea of the late Howard Blackmore who presented the sword to the Armouries in 1975).