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1852 - 55

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Physical Description

Hilt: cast gunmetal, cruciform, comprising lions head pommel, the underside of the mouth being pierced for a ring, a rectangular section grip and short straight quillons with disc terminals.
Blade: double edged leaf shaped, slightly waisted, with a short central fuller on each side and having a panel near the hilt on the outer face having the maker's name etched:-
'G & ? Al?OND/14/St. James's/London'. Identified with concentric corrosion, February 2005.


Dimensions: Overall length: 632 mm (24.875 in), blade length: 510 mm (19.75 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the forward edge of the grip'9/4/RB'


Places Britain


The cutler would appear to be W & G Almond who had an address at 14 St James's from 1852 to 1855. (see W.E. May and P.G.W. Annis, 'Swords for Sea Service', 2 vols (cont. pag.), London, 1970,)