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None given in IBE.

Physical Description

Steel hilt with wooden barrel grip missing covering, and bound at each end by a broad ferrule. Broad engraved shell guards, one curving towards the blade, the other towards the pommel; between them a scroll quillon. The knuckle-guard is of flattened half oval form decorated with a rudimentary swelling, towards the hand, half way along. The end is rivieted to a scroll on the forward end of a plate through which the tang passes. The top is plain. The lower part of the pommel is detached showing construction keys which fit into hollows on each side of the the cap.

The straight, two-edged blade has a shallow fuller on each side, dying out rapidly, and containing marks (see below) and a partly legible inscription: on the inside, 'I H NN' (the Ns reversed) OLIN(?)G', and on the outside, 'IOHANN / WIRSTER' (the Ns reversed). The blade tapers gradually to a rounded and damaged point.

The whole sword is badly corroded.


Dimensions: Overall length: 899 mm (35.4 in), blade length: 759 mm (29.9 in) Weight: 1 lb 12 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

On one (WHICH?) side: the running wolf mark and three horseshoes (CRESCENTS? - CHK).On the other (WHICH?) side: three horseshoes (CHK).



The guard (excepting the grip and pommel) is generally similar to that of IX.760 and the whole hilt is generally similar to that of IX.1386, though this has a pierced outer shell with more scallops round its edge.