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Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



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From the Spanish Museum of Artillery; presented by the Spanish Government (by exchange) in 1842 (see Notes).


Places Spain

Bibliographic References

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For the arms received from Spain in 1842 and the exchange generally, see Reid 2000, pp. 150-53, 156-7 (Appendix 5) and entry for IX.444, under Notes. This sword is identified by Reid as that described in the list of objects sent by Spain as: 'Sabre, complete, for Cavalry Officers 1835'.
ffoulkes syas this sword is similar to IX.276 but he must have had the number wrong since IX.256-314 are all of Royal Armouries cavalry type J (possibly for the Household Cavalry) for which ffoulkes gives only one group entry, and there seems no reason to single IX.276 out individually (PJL, 13/09/02).