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Sidearm and scabbard

Sidearm and scabbard



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'Presented by the Spanish Government in 1851' according to the typed inventory (IBE).


Places Spain

Bibliographic References

William Reid, 'Some International Arms Exchanges, 1835-1846', Royal Armouries Yearbook, 5, 2000, pp. 148-158 , at p. 153, fig. 7.


Reid 2000 (caption to fig. 7) implies this was among the arms received from Spain in 1842 (for the exchange generally, see Reid 2000, pp. 150-53), This sword has not yet been identified in the list of objects sent from Spain, published by Reid (2000, pp. 156-7, Appendix 5) and according to the typed inventory (IBE) it is dated 18'5'1 (not 1831 as stated by Reid) and was one of a second group of swords presented by the Spanish Government in 1851.
For the 1842 and 1851 gifts generally, see entry for IX.444, under Notes. For a list of the inv. nos of all the swords, blades and scabbards included in the 1851 gift, see entry for IX.453, under Notes.