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Presented 1924.

Physical Description

Hilt: brass, originally gilded, having a cap pommel surmounted by a diamond-shaped tang button, the upper circumference being decorated with two pairs of engraved parallel lines. The semi-basket hilt is formed from a stirrup type knuckle guard adjoining which, in a 'ladder' formation are four 'S' shaped bars which themselves arise from the sides and crest of a large upturned shell guard arising from the stool on the outside. This shell guard is in the form of an oyster shell pierced with a horizontal row of circular holes, each flanked by rounded rectangular slots. Connecting the rear of this shell with its stem is a small bar. On the outside, a smaller shell guard arises from the stool, a forward bridge connecting it with the knuckle guard and having a rear looped bar connecting its upper edge with the stem. A small straight rear quillon with a downturned flattened globular finial is present.
grip: of wood covered with leather and bound with two double stranded copper wire of opposite twists laid side by side to form a herringbone pattern. A lower ferrule may have been fitted originally but is now missing. There is a significant gap between the upper forward edge of the grip and that of the pommel.

Blade: straight with two full length narrow fullers. The back edge might once have been engraved with the name of the makers but only a vestige now remains; or this might be confused with a profusion of file and grinding marks.


OverallLength1036 mm
OverallWeight0.88 kg
BladeLength897 mm

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Places France


see C. Ariès, 'Armes Blanches Militaires Françaises', 30 vols and index, 1966-1990, tome VI, fasc. 4, fig(s). 1,2,3,6,7.