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Physical Description

Brass hilt. Eagle pommel. Hilt: comprising pommel, grip and crossguard.

Pommel: cast brass in the form of an eagle's head orientated axially with the tang which passes through and is rivetted over. It is fairly crudely sculpted and lacks detail.

Grip: appears to be of wood covered with a fine fish skin or similar. It is slightly waisted and oval in section and fully envelopes the tang to which it is secured by a centrally placed iron rivet passing through fitted with a brass washer at either end. A bottom ferrule is fitted which is of cast brass crudely sculpted to represent plumage.

Crossguard: cast brass of substantial square section, slightly tapering towards the finials. The inner and outer faces are slightly recessed within a raised edge beading.

Blade: double edged spear point with slight waisting towards the hilt and wideneing again at the hilt. On each side it has two closely placed shallow central fullers commencing approximately 20 mm from the cross guard and extending for 110 mm. Approx. 15 mm beyond these a single central shallow fuller commences and extends for 260 mm.

Inscriptions and Marks

The number '81' is stamped at the centre of the cross guard on the outside face.


Places France