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Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



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Ex Gaunt gift to replace missing sword.

Physical Description

Hilt: brass stirrup form, with cap pommel having a long lower extension which forms the upper one third of the grip. The flat top is oval in section, inclined downwards towards the knuckle guard, and the body, has an equatorial flute between two raised ribs. The cross guard has a rear quillon with a scrolled disc finial turned towards the blade and, on the forward side, turns upwards at right angles to become the knuckle guard. The knuckle guard runs almost parallel to the grip for approximately 90% of its length and is then cranked over to join the pommel. The faces of cross guard and knuckle guard are decorated with longitudinal reeding. At the centre of the cross guard is a diamond shaped langet extending over the grip and the blade. The grip is of ebony (?) with diagonal ribs.

Blade: slender, single edged and slightly curved with a broad fuller. Towards the hilt it is engraved with trophies and other devices, retaining some of its blueing.

scabbard : brass, fitted with two bands carrying loose suspension rings and having an asymmetrical shoe with small flourishes at the ends.


Dimensions: Sword: overall length: 922 mm (36.3 in), blade length: 836 mm (32.9 in), Scabbard: 869 mm (34.2 in) Weight: Sword: 1 lb 8 oz, Scabbard: 1 lb


Places France