Object Title

Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



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Presented 1924.

Physical Description

Hilt: Brass, comprising pommel, knuckle guard extended to form rear quillon and grip.

Pommel; hollow oval section body to encase upper portion of grip and extended downwards at the back to form a rudimentary backstrap. The body has a lower border of laurel leaves deeply etched or cast in. The upper portion of the body flares slightly and is surmounted by a convex cap having decorative features of crossed cannon, cannon balls and grenades cast in along with the engraved initials 'L B C', possibly of the owner.

knuckle guard: of oval section with a collar at the centre and with a downward curve at the top where it meets the pommel. Either side of the central collar is a panel containing a stem of acanthus leaves. The downturned rear quillon terminates in a discoid finial with floral decoration.

grip; of wood covered with leather and bound in an open spiral with a twisted double strand brass wire.

Blade: slightly curved, single edged with a wide fuller each side and a short forte. The maker's name

' Coulaux aine at Cie a Klingenthal'.

scabbard : steel with two narrow bands carrying the suspension rings and a broad shoe.


Dimensions: Sword: overall length: 1054 mm (41.5 in), blade length: 919.5 mm (36.2 in),, Scabbard: length: 958 mm (37.7 in) Weight: Sword: 1.05 kg (2 lb 5 oz), Scabbard: 539 g (1 lb 3 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Blade, near the hilt: 'G' and a crowned 'B'.


Places France

Bibliographic References

A.R. Dufty and A. Borg, European Swords and Daggers in the Tower of London, London, 1974, pl. 87b.