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Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



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Presented to the Armouries on 21/08/1968 with IX.1206, IX.1207 and IX.1209.

Physical Description

Hilt: cast brass comprising pommel, knuckle guard with integral quillon, sleeve and arms of the hilt, shell guards and grip.

pommel: facetted urn-shaped on an elongated stand with transverse ribs around its circumference and a prominent, flared, tang button. It is decorated with a swag of acanthus tips around the base of the tang button.

knuckle guard: pegs into the pommel, where it is decorated with acanthus tips, and terminates in a square-ended quillon with button finial slightly inclined towards the grip.The finial has acanthus tip decoration

shell guard: double lobed with slightly asymmetrical shells, the larger one being to the inside of the hand. The edges of the guards are markedly inclined towards the grip. The guard fits into a cut-out section in the knuckle-guard/quillon.

grip: flattened oval-section swelling towards its mid-point with white wire binding consisting of coarse twist alternating with double fine twist, with elongated ferrule adjacent to the shell, having transverse ribs run around its circumference.

Blade: straight, single-edged with spear-point, and shallow fuller towards the back, with 1.25in.(3.2cm) ricasso. Etched decoration consisting of scrolling foliage and trophies including musical instruments and weapons. There is the remains of etched decoration along the back consisting of stylized laurel leaves.

scabbard : black leather with brass top locket and chape, both secured by a single transverse staple. Top locket with convex edges, and elongated suspension hook. Chape with concave slightly cusped edges, and button finial.


Dimensions: Sword: overall length: 1020 mm (39.5 in), blade length: 840 mm (33.75 in), blade width: 16 mm (0.625 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

No visible marks.


Places Germany


This sword is recorded 'as worn by some German societies' in the old inventory card index, temporary card.
A similar sword is illustrated in the Eickhorn Catalogue (1908), seite 99, no. 84 'Vereins-Degen'.