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Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



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Presented to the Armouries on 21/08/1968 with IX.1206, IX.1208 and IX.1209.

Physical Description

Brass hilt, with traces of gilding remaining,with four-lobed pommel on an elongated stand and prominent tang button. C-shaped knuckle-guard, widening towards its mid-point, is pegged into the pommel, and terminates in a disc finial inclined towards the blade. On the outside of the hand is a single shell inclined towards the blade with a white metal badge of the Imperial Eagle applied to its outer face. Flattened oval section grip, swelling towards its mid-point with wire binding consisting of coarse twist alternating with fine herring-bone twist, with elongated ferrule adjacent to the shell. The ferrule has two transverse raised ribs running around it.

Straight single-edged blade terminating in a spear-point, with 32 mm (1.25 in) ricasso, and shallow fuller. Etched decoration consisting of: (outer face, hilt to tip) square border enclosing a patera set on a striated ground, with the diagonals marked in; transverse border with stylized figure-of-eight decoration; three intersecting panels with pointed ends terminating in a fleur de lys the intersections enclosing a single fleur de lys within a diamond border. The panels contain (i) foliate scrolls (ii) a trophy of arms and musical instruments surmounted by a flag and laurel wreath (iii) foliate scrolls.
(inner face, hilt to tip) square border with diamond infill, each diamond enclosing a stylized fleur de lys; narrow transverse band of running foliage; three intersecting panels, the intersections being more scrolled than on the outer face and enclosing a fleur de lys, containing (hilt to tip)(i) acanthus tips,winged head wearing a ?mural crown, scrolling foliage (ii) a stand of arms including a cannon, shield,breastplate and helmet, halberds and flag set on a laurel wreath (iii) foliate scrolls.
Spine: panel of stylized laurel decoration.
Red felt buff-piece in place.

Black leather scabbard with brass top locket and chape, both lockets with convex edges and secured on the inside face by a single transverse staple. The top locket has an elongated suspension hook on its outer face. The chape has a moulded button finial.

Condition: The tang-button has been knocked and is slightly offset. The Imperial Crown above the eagle badge on the shell is missing. The chape is dented. (February 1992).


Dimensions: Sword: overall length: 890 mm, blade length: 770 mm, blade width: 15 mm Weight: Sword: 0.415 kg (14.5 oz), Scabbard: 0.15 kg (5.25 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On hilt, on inner face of the ferrule: '94' (the 9 stamp appears to be broken, and the tail of the figure is largely missing).On blade, on outer face of the ricasso: crowned king's head next to plumed helmet, all above 'W K & C' (Weyersberg Kirschbaum and Company).


Places Germany


This sword is recorded as being 'carried in dress uniform by certain German postal officials' in the old inventory card index, temporary card.
A similar sword is illustrated in the Eickhorn catalogue of 1908, seite 81, no.63 'Post degen in Vorscriftsmassiger Ausfuhrung.'