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Physical Description

Hilt of brass, with ebony grip. Cap pommel to which knuckle-guard is joined by two screws. Rear quillon, with animal headed terminal. Single, down-turned shell, decorated with a scene of the chase between two femal demi-figures. The ecusson, knuckle-guard and pommel each bear a hare and a hound. Dark wood grip of hexagonal section, the central face on the inside is raised.

Straight, two-edged blade, bearing inlaid marks (see below).

Condition: All the hilt decoration is worn, probably through over-cleaning.


Dimensions: Overall length: 763 mm (30.1 in), blade length: 622 mm (24.5 in), blade width: 295 mm (1.15 in) Weight: 615 g (1 lb 7 oz))

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade, on both faces, three crosses (at the hilt) and the running wolf mark, the latter at least inlaid in brass (part remianing).


Places Germany