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Not recorded in Typed Inevtory. Tower Arsenal?

Physical Description

Silver hilt. (Largely from Typed Unventory - requires some revision) Silver hilt, consisting of ball pommel, a knuckle bow which branches at the base to form two symmetrical ring guards, which are filled with solid shells. The knuckle bow is twice stamped with IR (IR set within a shield), and the pommel stamped with the same mark. The shells, knuckle bow and pommel are chiselled with putti and foliage. Wooden grip bound in silver wire. Straight two-edged blade, is inscribed ENTOLEDO (en Toledo) and bears a running wolf mark.


Dimensions: Overall length: 978 mm (38.5 in), length of blade: 825 mm (32.5 in) Weight: 1 lb 8 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade: en Toledo and running wolf marks - see main Description above. Knuckle bow and pommel marked IR.



The IR mark is common on English silver, and was used by several makers at this period.
Another, smaller sword of this type was brought in in 1981, is in a private collection (see IBE and inv. file for details). It has a single edged shearing[?] blade and a droplet pommel.
An advertisment in 'The True Protestant Mercury, No.72, 10th-14th Sept. 1681 reads: 'Lost going over London Bridge,...A sword, with a back, and grav'd Blade: a side shell, a bowe & a plate handle, with a figure in the shell, Pummel, & handle mark'd I.R.' This is included in an article by A.V.B.Norman, 'Some references to arms, sword cutlers, and gunsmiths in English newspapers, 1660-1727 Journal of the Arms and Armour Society 8.6 (December 1976), 347-354, 367-373, at 351. The articale notes that the advertiser was a ''Mr Edw. Bickerstaff, at the flaming sword in Russel-street, Covent Garden', presumably a sword cutler'.
A sword with a brass hilt, brought into Leeds by a private collector 14/04/05 (ENQ-2005-2725), had a very similar pommel, possibly even cast from the same mould, though if so when it the mould was some what worn though use. For further details see note on inv. file (PJL, 14/04/05).