Object Title

Sabre - Sabre

Sabre - Sabre



Object Number

IX.5408 A


Purchased at Sotheby's (Billingshurst), 29 November 1994, Lot 332 (part)


Places Prussia


Originally registered as M.198, this sword was incorrectly described in the Sotheby's sale catalogue as a British light cavalry sword, patt. 1796. Although very similar, the stirrup guard on IX.5408 is thicker, the scabbard has an asymmetrical shoe (the patt. 1796 had a symmetrical shoe), and the markings are clearly not British. IX.5408 seems likely to be the Prussian model 1811 - see G. Maier, 'Preussische Blankwaffen', Teil II, 'Preuss. Sabel fur die Kavallerie M 1808 und M 1811', esp. pp. 232-5 (photocopy on inv. file). The m. 1811 most obviously differs from the m. 1808 in having a smaller quillon termnal. quillon terminal. (PJL 30/03/1995)