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Presented by F.H. Cripps-Day Esq., 1942.

Physical Description

Brass lion's head pommel with long neck and prominent tang-button. Guard of oxidised steel consisting of a knuckle-guard (the end screwed to the pommel), with a flat, pear-shaped 'knob' decorated outside with three incised leaves; two solid, recurved, oval shell-guards, each with a pair of slots roughly parallel with the quillons, and the outer guard decorated with radiating 'incised' lines and a cusped. and a flat rear quillon with scolled terminal. The wooden grip has longitudinal fluting and there is a brass, fluted ferrule towards the blade.
Straight, single-edged blade.


BladeLength851 mm
BladeWidth30 mm
SwordOverall length935 mm
SwordWeight885 g


Bibliographic References

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The guard (excepting the grip and pommel) is generally similar to those of IX.1283 and IX.1386 (the latter having a pierced outer shell with more scallops on its edge).
IX.1318 has a similar grip and pommel. The IBE records: 'A label in Mr Cripp-Day's hand reads 'The Exeter swordsmith. I have seen half a doz. of this type all near Exeter'' (location of label not presently known). Grips and pommels of this type are sometimes found in association with Hounslow-made blades (e.g. IX.1318 ('q.v.'), signed by John Kinndt or Kennet, recorded at Hounslow in 1634 - though the blade tang bears a German maker's mark) and the grips and pommels (which are sometimes also in the form of eagle's heads) may therefore have been made at Hounslow (PJL, 18/08/1997, ex inf. A.R.E. North). [see also North 2004, pp. 36-7; published after this text was written]. This is also the view of H. L. Blackmore, in 'Hunting Weapons', London, 1971, p. 25 where grips of this type are discussed and attention is drawn to the confiscation by the London Cutler's Company, reinforced by a ruling in May 1650, of sword hilts and parts made of brass, because of the fear of foreign competition.
Other swords with grips and pommels of similar type so far noted: Private Collection: eagle head (Michael D. Coe et al., 'Swords and hilt weapons', London, Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1989, p. 79, illus.); Museum of London, no. 36.154/6: Hounslow blade (C. Blair, 'European and American Arms...', London, B.T. Batsford, 1962, Pl. 169); hanger with bowl-shaped gaurd, formerly in the Gerald Mungeam collection (North 2004, p. 35, fig. 3).