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Hilt: Comprising cap pommel; integral knuckle guard and cross guard; grip.

Pommel: brass, hollow oval section with an extension down the rear upper portion of the grip. It is surmounted by an integral lozenge-shaped tang button.

Guard: brass, comrising a cross guard and knuckle guard. The cross guard of rectangular section and extended lozenge shape, one branch forming a quillon terminating at one end in a 4-facetted globular finial, the other turning upwards at right angles and extending to form the knuckle guard. The upper end of the knuckle guard swells outwards to form a flattened spoon-shaped end which turns towards the pommel and is secured under the outer lip of the latter by a small hook projection on the guard. At the right-angle junction between knuckle guard and cross guard is a quadrant fillet. At the centre of the cross guard, two small ears turn upwards to lie alongside the grip. The forward portion of the cross guard is slightly distorted towards the blade.

Grip: of rectangular section wood covered with leather and originally having a spiral binding of two double stranded wire twisted in opposite directions and laid side by side. Fragments of this binding remain adjacent to the pommel and crossguard and there are a few worm holes in the grip. The top of the grip projects outwards to form a stop for the back of the hand and which is shrouded by the cap pommel.

Blade: Single edged, hatchet point having a single, fairly narrow, fuller on each side close to the back edge which commence immediately below the cross guard and terminate 130 mm from the point. The upper half of the blade on each side is decorated with a series of three engraved motifs depicting, in order from the hilt:
1. a lunar face embracing three stars (in the form of asterisks)
2. a sun in splendour
3. an arm raised, emerging from a cloud and carrying a sword.
Each of the motifs are separated by line of three asterisks. Immediately under 1 is the engraved name of the maker:
'Cassaignard / fourbissier / Du Roi (Roy?)/ a Nantes'.
The 'Roy' has been crudely obliterated with punch marks, presumably in the revolutionary period. The very tip of the point is broken and the blade has rust staining and slight pitting overall..


Dimensions: Overall length: 730 mm (28.75 in), blade length: 595 mm (23.375 in) Weight: 730 gm (1 lb 6.8 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the knuckle guard close to the cross guard is an undecipherable punched mark.


Places France


See Ariès, 'Armes Blanches Militaires Françaises', 30 vols and index, 1966-1990, tome XIII, fasc. 3, fig 1.
Cassaignard, marchard fourbissier du Roy and maitre arquebusier, had premises close to the Bourse at Nantes.
cf IX.1868