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Rapier - Cup hilt rapier

Rapier - Cup hilt rapier



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Miss E Mallet (1945-47). Bought at Christie, Manson & Woods,Ltd, Stratford Place, Oxford Street,[London], W1 on Wednesday 25 July 1945, Sale of the Collection of Decorative Furniture. Arms and Armour formed by RWM Walker, deceased, late of 33, Sloane Court, [London], SW.'. Lot 159). Bought by Mallett for 40 gns. RWM Walker Collection (19??-45)

Physical Description

Pierced and chiselled steel hilt consisting of pommel, hollow grip, quillons, knuckle-guard and 'pasd'ane loops' which support the gup. The edge of the cup has a strongly turned edge ('rompepuntas') and a double inner shell ('gardapolvo'). The whole is decorated with fine scroll and foliate work, including the inside of the cup.
The blade has been described as rather too heavy for the hilt.



Dimensions: Overall length: 1118 mm (44 in), blade length (total exposed, incl. ricasso): 960 mm (37 3/4 in) Weight: 1060 gm (2 lb 5oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

The blade is stamped in the fuller, at the forte; 'DEPEDRO DEVEL/ MONTE EN TOLEDO'. Ricasso bears the makers mark.


Places Spain

Bibliographic References

hilted rapier, with straight quillons, entirely pierced and engraved with arabesques, the blade grooved and inscribed 'Pedro-del-Monte, en Toledo' - 17th Century'.


The quillon beneath the knuckle-guard has at some point been broken off and repaired. The first recorded repair seems to have taken place in 1991 (C. Smith), although it is known to have been repaired prior to 1974 as it appears in 'European Swords and Daggers' complete. It was again repaired in January 2014.
The break itself is known to have occured prior to coming into possession of the Royal Armouries in 1947 as in the annotated copy of the Christie's catalogue of the RWM Walker collection it is noted, by JG Mann, that the sword is 'Nice except one quillon broken off, but tied on with string'.
It has been noted (in a hand written note in IBE) that this sword is 'V. similar to Wallace Coll. A 652 - perhaps same man.'(writing that of S Bevan?).
RWM Walker (1856-1945) built up an important collection of varied fine and decorative art pieces.


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