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Replica rapier

Replica rapier



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From the J.B.P.Young Collection.

Physical Description

The steel hilt has a pommel of irregular disc-form with two notches in the edge near the tang button, slightly convex faces, and a plain stand.
The quillons, of flattened section, are recurved in the plain of the blade and have discoid inwardly turned finials. The quillions support a side-ring outside the hand and the forward quillion supports a single arm. Inside the hand the cross supports a guard which is shaped to form a thumb-rim before turning forward and then curving round and down toward the blade. It passes through the end of the arm [which is turned over towards the blade] to form a peg, outside the hand, which curves towards the pommel and round, ending in an inward-turned discoid terminal. The centre of the ring and the forward quillion widens to form a lozenge. The wooden, spirally-grooved grip has a brass ferrule at either end.
The flattened diamond-section blade has a 2.1 in. [5.5 cm.] ricasso, on the outside of which stamped with a mark: crown over dot over capital T
Condition: Good/fair. Patches of surface rusting, especially on the hilt. Blade pitted but this might be original finish.


Dimensions: Overall length: 46.7 in. [118.7 cm.], Blade length beyond ricasso: 37.1 in. [94.3 cm.], Blade width at shoulder: 1.55 in. [3.9 cm.] Weight: 3 lb. 4.75 oz. [ 1.505 kg.]


Places Europe