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Staff weapon head

Staff weapon head



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Places Europe


A note by PJL in the Typed Inventory says that this object was found in November 1987 in the cage erected in the New Armouries top floor (old room 4) among material presumably then recently transfered from Upper Flint Tower. The number XXI.34 was on a disc attached by green-covered wire but as there was another object numbered XXI-34 (a reproduction South German armet) and as there was no reason to think the present weapon was a fake, it was transferred to class VII.2315 {end of note in Typed Inventory]. There was already a Typed Inventory entry for the pike, filed under Class XXI.34, which was retained, the number changed, and it was re-filed in the Class VII binders (PJL, retropspective note, 28/08/02).