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Acquired June 1973 at Christies, Lot 114, ex. J F R Winsbury Collection

Physical Description

Of falchion type. The hilt is of bright steel with downcurved quillons, and knuckleguard of lozenge section, swelling at their termination. The large shell-guard, on a square stem, curves towards the grip to protect the hand and is chased with radiating lines. The woden grip is bound in original wire. The pommel is an irregular shape in order to accomodate that hand, owing to the shiortness of the grip.
The blade is broad and gently curved with anarrow fuller running along each side. It has a long ricasso and the terminates with afalse edge ending in aclipped point. The ricasso is marked each side with the stamped letters 'IHS' and with two lines and a semi-circle. Between the fuller and the back of the blade a dcorative stamped pattern of semi-circles or crescents are grouped around three engrailed lozenges, apex to apex. Theis pattern is repeated three times along the length of the blade.



Dimensions: Overall length: 805 mm (31 3/4 in.), Blade length: 660 mm (26 in.) Weight: 907 g (2lb)

Inscriptions and Marks

The ricasso is stamped on each side with the letters 'IHS'.


Places Germany