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Acquired 1960.

Physical Description

The hilt of bright steel bearing (Under the rear of the guard) the initials W [A?].The pommel is set into a ring at the top of the guard which has been considerably repaired by brazing. The reaer two loops of the guard and the rear quillon have been removed. The wooden grip is covered with a fish-skin. The basket-hilt is for use with the right hand. straight two-edged blade is engraved on one face at the forte with the partially legible insription 'Andrea Farara'. Unusualy it is positioned across the width of the blade, as opposed to running along the blade lengthways.


Dimensions: Overall length: 991 mm (39 in), blade length: 864 mm (34 in) Weight: 2 lb 6 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

W [A?] on underside of hilt.


Bibliographic References

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