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Physical Description

Hilt of 'Christmas tree' design.

Inscriptions and Marks

PP76 on hilt.


Places Britain


For general information on this design of hilt and other examples in the Royal Armouries and elsewhere, see entry for IX.193, under Notes.
W E May and P G W Annis, 'Swords for Sea Service', London, HMSO, 1970, II, p. 327-8, record three Samuel Harveys in Birmingham between 1781 and 1810. Also in Birmingham they also record a George Harvey (sword-cutler) between 1777 and 1780; a Joseph Harvey (steel sword-hilt, button, buckle and toy maker) between 1800 and 1815; and a William Harvey, succeeded by John Harvey (sword-cutlers) between 1816 and 1897. The blade of the present sword must be by Samuel Harvey I, first recorded in 1748 and died 4 August 1778. Blades marked with a running fox bearing the letters SH, now generally accepted as standing for Samuel Harvey, are probably by Sam. Harvey II (died 16 April 1795) or Sam. Harvey III, (died 20 November 1810 but by then living in Kent and last recorded in business in Birmingham by May and Annis in 1800. (Further research needs to be done on the Harveys; some further information may exist in inventory entries not yet entered on computer).