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Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



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Physical Description

Cast brass hilt with back strap, knuckle bow and rear quillon, the latter ending in a bulbous finial. On the inside of the knuckle bow is a round stamped marked consisting of a D beneath a star. Grip cast in one with hilt. The buff piece survives. Plain, curved. Back-edged blade, stamped on the shoulder at the hilt on the outside PRADIER on the inside crowned S. Accompanied by a scabbard of black leather with plain brass locket and chape, the chape with a ball finial, the lockets with a ‘D’ loop on the outside.
The sword is unusual in not having the date and place of its manufacture engraved on the back of the blade. The grip has the 28 grooves of the Modele An XI as opposed to the 36 of the An IX and the 21 of post-1816 swords of this type.


BladeLength594 mm
OverallLength742 mm
OverallLength767 mm
OverallWeight1.119 kg
ScabbardWeight0.243 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

shoulder at hilt
Markshoulder at hilt


Places France