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Transfered from the Ashmolean Museum, 1969, where its registration number was O.C.XXXV (1911).

Physical Description

Hilt: The grip and cross fromed of two lengths of roebuck antler. (There would originally have been silver mounts at the terminals, now missing.) At the base of the grip is a ferrule of sheet brass sheathed with silver, engraved with a leaf pattern. A narrow silver ferrule with indented edges covers the base of the blade.

Curved, single-edged blade with one broad and three narrowfullers at the forte and two broad fullers at the foible.


Dimensions: Overall length: 617 mm (24.3 in), blade length: 472 mm (18.6 in) Weight: 0 lb 12 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade, inlaid in copper: a running wolf mark (WHICH / BOTH SIDE(s)?)


Bibliographic References

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IX.2216 and AL.5 2 are hangers with hults of the same type. For other examples and for these hilts generally see entry for IX.2216 (under Notes).