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Transferred from Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, 1978

Physical Description

Hilt: steel; cap pommel with flat tang button; knuckle guard swelling to form a flat symmetrical shell guard. A scrolled branch arise from the shell guard and divides to join knuckle guard top and bottom. The scroll is attached to the outside of the shell guard by a flat steel ring and vertical bar. Broad, flat, scalloped rear quillon, curving towards the blade. Leather covered grip bound with plain wire and a steel ferrule. Under the shell is a scalloped scabbard protector.

Blade: straight, single edged with broad single fuller. Engraved KLINGENTHAL on back.


Dimensions: Overall length: 1431 mm (44.9 in), blade length: 926 mm (36.4 in) Weight: 1304.1 g (2 lb 14 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Hilt: on quillon, 'B' with a cap and Rotunda number on outside of guard.Blade: on outside, stamped with 'M K' and cap of liberty.


Places France

Bibliographic References

No MA 1822, Rotunda Catalogue, HMSO, 1873, p. 127;No 14/33, Rotunda Catalogue, HMSO, 1906, p 138;No 14/16 J. P. Kaestlin, Catalogue of Museum of Artillery, London 1963, Vol 2, p. 52.