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transferred from Rotunda; catalogue numbers MA 1830 (Rotunda Catalogue, HMSO 1873, p 127); 14/41 (Rotunda Catalogue, HMSO 1906, p 137); 14/23 (Rotunda Catalogue, HMSO 1963, p 52)

Physical Description

Hilt: brass, half basket of three bars, the first bar of 'S'-shape, the second bar straight and joining the first at the top to produce a single bar extending to meet the knuckle guard near the pommel in a scroll. All three bars are dovetailed into the shell guard which is of heart shape, divided into two halves on both sides by a raised border. The rear quillon is inclined towards the blade. Brass grip with backpiece, ribs and pommel cast in one and held in place by three brass rivets on each side. The head of the backpiece with a scalloped profile over backpiece. The tang is visible at front and back of grip.

Blade: straight, flat, single edged with the inscription
'Manufacture de Klingenthal' along the back.


Dimensions: Overall length: 1130 mm (44.5 in), blade length: 960 mm (38 in) Weight: 1641 g (3 lb 10 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

on the rear quillon: 'D'on the knuckle guard:5 'B' surmounted by crown near the pommel5 'J' surmounted by crown at centre.These are the marks of Bische and Jumereau.on the outside of the guard the Museum of Artillery (MA) number. The blade is also marked with the crowned B and crowned J.


Places France


No identical sword can be found in Aries although the Epee de la Cavalerie, ('Armes Blanches Militaires Francaises', Paris, 1967, Vol VI) has an identical guard and blade. There is no parallel for the grip in this publication.