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Transferred from Rotunda Museum, Woolwich, 1978.

Physical Description

Hilt: brass with traces of gilding and of conventional form comprising; (pommel missing), knuckle guard with integral quillon, arms and quillon block, shell guards and grip.

knuckle guard: decorated with twisted strands with a middle swelled portion decorated with shells and acanthus scrolls and a scroll at the pommel end. Quillon block decorated with shells, acanthus and C-scrolls. The arms of the hilt decorated with twisted strands attached at the top to quillon block. Rear quillon decorated with twisted strands swells into a bulb decorated with with scrolls and circular finial, inclined towards the blade.

shell guard: Solid double shell guard, each decorated above and below with scallop shells within a border of acanthus scrollwork against a background of punched dots.

grip: of oval section, decorated en-suite with swirling strands, shells, acanthus scrolls and punched background. made in one with the ferrules at top and bottom, decorated with curling tendrils. Ricasso washer shaped like a trapezium.

Blade: double edged, diamond section, except for the six inches nearest the hilt which has a deep central fuller on both sides. The blade is inscribed:


on both sides.


Dimensions: Overall length: 960 mm (37.75 in), blade length: 813 mm (32 in) Weight: 15 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

The notation 'MA 2015' is written on the rear face of the inside of the blade. On the outside of the ricasso is an oval cartouche containg 'GC' above a bunch of grapes (?).


Bibliographic References

Rotunda Catalogue, HMSO, 1873, p 131, Cat No MA 2015Rotunda Catalogue, HMSO, 1906, p 142, Cat No 14/211Rotunda Catalogue, HMSO, 1963, p 55, cat No 14/169


The sword was incorrectly labelled 14/14 when it arrived at the Tower.