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Sword - Spatha

Sword - Spatha



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Ex Dewisme Coolection, Belgium. Previously owned by Mr. Frank Unrath, Neckarsulm and Mr Karsten Klingbeil. Purchased at auction 11/09/2014

Physical Description

Important bog or river find in an exceptionally good state of prservation. Hilt parts made of bronze combined with bovine horn. The upper pommel and the cross-piece (L 6.5cm) decorated with ring and dot motifs. Two-edges, unfullered blade, the edges running parallel towards the point where they meet in a spatulate tip. The tang welded to the blade. The balance point of the bow-oriented blade lies approximately 25cm from the cross-piece. Flat lenticular cross-section, the blade rewelded falling on its phase of use around 20.5cm from the cross. There is a deep-reaching magnetite patina with only minor losses of original surface.


BladeLength77.2 cm