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Sword - Spatha

Sword - Spatha



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Purchased at auction 11/09/2014. Previously owned by Mr Karsten Klingbeil.

Physical Description

Important bog or river find in an exceptionally good state of prservation. Hilt parts made of bronze combined with bovine horn. The upper pommel and the cross-piece (L 6.5cm) decorated with ring and dot motifs. Two-edges, unfullered blade, the edges running parallel towards the point where they meet in a spatulate tip. The tang welded to the blade. The balance point of the bow-oriented blade lies approximately 25cm from the cross-piece. Flat lenticular cross-section, the blade rewelded falling on its phase of use around 20.5cm from the cross. There is a deep-reaching magnetite patina with only minor losses of original surface.


BladeLength77.2 cm