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Purchased from E. Fairclough (dealer), October 1978.

Physical Description

Silver hilt consisting of knuckle-guard, rear quillon, pommel and ferrule. Knuckle-guard decorated each side with three small and one large chiselled winged human heads, on a punched dot ground within double engraved line borders. Cap pommel has mouldings and engraved 'bee-hive' ornament on the sides, and on the top a border of engraved scrolls, and a central circular decoration consisting of two chiselled winged human heads en suite with the knuckle-guard and two chiselled ducal coronets all on a punched dot ground within double engraved borders. Moulded quillon block has an engraved border comprising a single line and feathering. Knuckle-guard and pommel both stamped twice each with a maker's mark (see below). Natural stag-horn grip.

Curved, single-edged blade, with a false edge for the last 4 in. Flat shoulder stamped on both sides with marks (see below). Near the hilt, on the inside by the back edge are three deep notches. A broad fuller begins 2.1 in. (53 mm) from the hilt and runs to the tip. Traces of gilt pointillÚ decoration can be seen at the beginning of the fuller. Beyond this the blade is pierced with holes and slots arranged in diamond and cross patterns.

Scabbard of leather tooled on the outside with simple saltire cross and wave patterns. Lacking tip and all metal fittings. Holes in back edge near mouth for suspension rings.


BladeLength546 mm
OverallLength699 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

On hilt, on the knuckle-guard and pommel (twice on each), stamped: 'F S' in a lozenge (an unidentified maker's mark).On blade, both sides, on shoulder, stamped, and with traces of gilding: a lying bull mark under a crown (see Notes).On blade, on inside, on shoulder, stamped: a rosette of lines and dots.


Bibliographic References

L Southwick, London silver-hilted swords, their makers, suppliers and allied traders, with directory, Leeds, Royal Armouries, 2001[a], p. 228 (mention).

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Dr Leslie Southwick suggest that the maker's mark on the hilt might be that of the London hilt maker, Francis Springhall (recorded 1686-1735), although he observes that the mark is quite unlike that entered for the Britannia standard silver in 1697 (see Southwick 2001 a and b for further details and sources).
The blade mark resembles marks attributed to a member of the Bongen family of Solingen (A. Weyersberg, 'Solinger Schwertschmiede des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts und ihre Erzeugnisse', Solingen, 1926, pp. 13-14, especially no. 16).