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Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



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Physical Description

Silver hilt with London assay marks for 1742/3 and unidentified maker's for 1742/3 and unidentified maker's mark MC (Script), probably for Mary Carman (I). Blade German about 1800 and fragment of scabbard.


Dimensions: Overall length: 933 mm (36.75 in), blade length: 781 mm (30.75 in), scabbard length: 698 mm (27.5 in) Weight: Sword: 1 lb 4 oz, Scabbard: 5 oz


Places Britain

Bibliographic References


L Southwick, 'Some silver-hilted swords by London makers in the Royal Armouries', Royal Armouries Yearbook, 6, 2001[b], pp. 32-54, at p. 41, fig. 12.


For a similar hilt by John Carman (II), with date letter for 1754-55, see D D Hartzler, 'Silver hilted swords. The Lattimer family collection', Josten's Printing Company, State College, Pennsylvania, 2002, fig. 131.
Southwick 2001b lists some other swords with the same maker's mark. A private collector has another example (seen 25/05/07) - a standard small-sword with pommel, sleeve, quillons and grip ferrules decorated with diagonal reeding and a shell-like motif in the centre of the knuckle-guard. The knuckle-guard has been repaired near its root, apparently resulting in shortening of its length: consequently it lies closer to the grip than normal. It has London hallmarks with the date letter 'f' for 1741-42.