Object Title

Sword and Scabbard

Sword and Scabbard



Object Number



Presented 18 August 1955 (information given on a label formerly attached)

Physical Description

Hilt cast in one piece of brass: domed pommel; D-shaped knuckle guard projects to form a slightly downcurved quillon with simple flared and domed finial; grip with close ribbing and a steel rivet passing through the centre.

Curved back-edged blade with chisel point. Scabbard of thick brown leather with single recessed line borders; simple brass chape with ball finial; mouth formed of a band of thick leather sewn round top of scabbard and strengthened at the back by a strip of brass secured by four rivets.


Dimensions: Sword, Overall length: 718 mm (28.25 in.), Length of blade: 590 mm (23.25 in), Scabbard, Overall length: 641 mm (25.25 in.) Weight: Sword: 930 g, Scabbard: 140 g

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade, stamped: mark consisting of a helmet and sword and 'P D L' in an oval.


Places Germany


This sword is comparable to the 'Schutzmanns-Sabel' in the Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie. catalogue reprinted in Waffengeschichte, Folge W 103, Blankwaffen der Kaiserzeit, Teil 11: Preussische und neutrale Polizei und Beamtenwaffen. In this case the sword is by P.D.Luneschloss & Cie. Solingen, active 1810-1965, who had a London agent, H. Hartjen & Co. See: Walter, John, The Sword & Bayonet makers of Imperial Germany 1871-1918, Brighton 1973, No. 114.
The typed inventory entry (IBE) suggested that the rivet through the grip might be a repair but the same feature was noted on a similar sword in private possession (photos sent with enquiry of July 1999 - see inv. file) making it more likely that this is an original feature of this pattern.