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Flintlock muzzle-loading military carbine - Baker Carbine, Pattern 1803

Flintlock muzzle-loading military carbine - Baker Carbine, Pattern 1803


about 1805

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Transferred from COD Weedon, 1925. Originally transferred from Enfield to Tower in 1891, item No 351.

Physical Description

Baker Cavalry Rifle (Prince of Wales’ Pattern) with 20 inch barrel. The lock-plate is flat with a bevelled edge and stepped down tail ending in a teat. Raised pan, the steel spring fitted with a roller. Sliding safety bolt fitted into plate in rear of cock. Flat ring-neck cock with bevelled edge. Hole through plate just ahead of cock, through which a nail was thrust when the lock was cocked to hold the mainspring in position, while the other parts were removed for cleaning. The lock-plate and standing breech are colour case-hardened. Stocked to 11/16 inches of the muzzle, the barrel retained by two slides. Stud beneath muzzle for swivel ramrod, which has long, widened swivels and yoke attached to steel rod with wide circular slightly domed head, torque hole through under edge of head. Plain brass fore-end cap, two ramrod pipes, the upper one long trumpet and wide, the tailpipe being a short, straight-tapered pipe without finial. The stock is slit from tailpipe to trigger guard finial, and the front finial of the guard is formed as a pipe with rod-retaining spring riveted inside. Baker’s pattern scroll trigger guard with plain rounded front to bras butt-trap cover. The butt-trap has a single rectangular compartment. The butt-plate has a long parallel tang without the pointed tip of the Baker Rifle butt-plate. Cheek rest on the left hand side of butt. No side-plate. Sling bar of 5.5 inches length on left side, fastened by rear-lock screw, with short rear extension having a woodscrew, and by a screw through the fore-end from the right side, with an elliptical iron supporting plate beneath the screw head. The browned twist barrel is fitted with a break-off breech and has a standard Baker pattern foresight blade, made entirely of brass and a fixed notched block back-sight brazed 3 inches from the breech.





BarrelLength19.49 in.
BarrelLength495 mm
OverallLength35.12 in.
OverallLength892 mm
OverallWeight2.72 kg
OverallWeight6 lb oz


Serial Number None visible


.625 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Maker's mark
Ahead of cock
Maker's mark
Top of barrel
Proof MarkBarrel