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Acquired from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, in 1927. Brought from Paris in 1815

Physical Description

Hilt: brass stirrup hilt, formerly gilt, The pommel is a flattened cap which extends forward considerably and the rear portion extends downwards for almost half the length of the grip. This rear extension is cusped at the edges and terminates in a rounded point. The knuckle guard and quillon are integral, the long rear quillon terminating in a small scroll finial turned towards the blade. The knuckle guard has a slight central swelling. Half way along the guard are two langets which extend over the upper portion of the blade and over the lower portion of the grip. the hilt is inscribed:
'MANUFre A Versaille'
Blade: curved, single edged engraved with various decorative devices on the one third closest to the hilt and bears traces of gilding. The back of blade engraved with the name 'KLINGENTHAL'


Dimensions: Overall length: 953 mm (37.5 in), blade length: 813 mm (32 in) Weight: 792 g (1 lb 12 oz)


Places France