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Purchased Peter Finer. By him purchased Phillips, 'Early British and Victorian Paintings', 26 April, 1994. Previously in the collection of A.R. Dufty, Master of the Armouries, 1964-1976. By him purchased Sotheby, Belgravia, 7 May, 1974


Dimensions: 38cm x 30.5cm (15in x 12in), Frame: 58cm x 49.5cm (19.5in x 22.75in)


Places Britain

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arms trophies in Hampton Court Palace and two years later consented to sit for his own portrait in a suit of 16th century armour.'


Samel James Whawell, 1857-1926. See also: Pyhrr, Stuart W. 'S.J. Whawell and the art market','Park Lane Arms Fair' 11 (1994), 14-23
See also: AR.4/ De Cosson Papers/ Box / II, 9/ box containing correspondence relating to arms and armour. 'Weekes, Waller, Whawell'. Whawell, 9/1-142
John Seymour Lucas, 1849-1923, Historical painter, portraitist and collector of arms and armour. Among his best known paintings are 'News of the Spanish Armada, 1580', and 'The surrender of Don Pedro de Valdez to Drake'. See also I.90, his portrait of the Baron de Cosson.
Note on back records surface cleaning by conservator of South Eastern Museums Service, July 1992.