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24 pr centre-stick shell rocket - 24 pr Congreve Shell Rocket

24 pr centre-stick shell rocket - 24 pr Congreve Shell Rocket



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Physical Description

Comprises rocket case and short length of stick. The stick which would have been 13.5 feet in length has fractured and not survived. These were made up of six parts: rocket case, base piece, case lining, propellant, warhead and stick. The case was made of charcoal iron, the base piece of malleable iron with a large threaded hole in its centre to receive the screw end of the rocket stick. Around the base piece were drilled five vent holes. The stick was made of straight-grained deal. Propellant weight was 9lb 8oz. The bursting charge was a few pounds of black powder with some warheads containing musket balls


Dimensions: Rocket length: 28.13 inches


24 pdr

Inscriptions and Marks

On rocket case: 24Pr Shell Rocket


Places England


William Congreve successfully demonstrated this new style of rocket in December 1815. The new centre-stick principle was far more aerodynamic than the old side-stick rocket and quicker and easier to launch. The new rockets were produced in eight different sizes classed by weight from 42-pr to 3-pr. See 'British Rockets of the Napoleonic and Colonial Wars 1805-1901' by C.E. Franklin (RAL 21235)