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ex Rotunda (14/223)

Physical Description

Hilt: bright steel (damaged) of conventional form.

Pommel: globular with pronounced tang button and on a stand. Chiselled and pierced in a diagonal strapwork and foliate design reflected on the sleeve.

Knuckle guard: of oval cross section swelling at the centre where it is chiselled in relief with scroll and foliate deaigns. The rear quillon projects straight out, turning down at the flattened button finial, the whole chiselled with scrolling foliage. The two arms of the hilt are fluted on their inner and outer faces with spiral fluting. The sleeve is chiselled and pierced in a diagonal strapwork design.

Shell guards: symmetrical, double lobed, each lobe having a cusped edge and the whole chiselled and pierced with strapwork and foliage.

Grip: wood, spirally bound with twin wires alternating with a ribband of russeted steel.

Blade: hollow ground, triangular section and lightly etched at the forte. The point is missing.


Dimensions: Overall length: 965 mm (38 in), blade length (point missing): 787 mm (31 in) Weight: 0 lb 13 oz


Places France

Bibliographic References

A.R. Dufty and A. Borg, European Swords and Daggers in the Tower of London, London, 1974, p. 27 and pl. 64c.


Compare with A North, 'European Swords', HMSO 1982, No 41. Correspondence with G Watson, 1983 over an excavated hilt (1954) with shell guard pierced with strapwork design.