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Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard



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Ex Rotunda Museum of Artillery,

Physical Description

Hilt: brass with traces of gilding, comprising; flat, square section with chamfered corners, cap pommel with forward projection and an asymmetrical socket beneath which acts as a ferrule into which the upper portion of the grip is fitted. The guard comprises cross guard with rear quillon, turned steeply towards the blade; the forward quillon has a fluted, slightly waisted, circulkar section column arising from it which acts as the main knuckle guard. At the top of this, a long 'C' scroll links it with the pommel. At the centre of the cross guard is an oval langet extending over grip and blade. The ebony (?) grip has an inlaid crescent at its centre, flanked by two five pointed stars.
Blade: straight, two edged with a pronounced medial ridge.


Dimensions: Overall length: 927 (36.5 in), blade length 787 mm (31 in) Weight: 0.5386 kg (1 lb 3 oz)


Places France

Bibliographic References

Rotunda Catalogue (date ?), no 14/226